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Drawing Materials: What I Use


I often get asked on my deviantART page ( and my youtube page ( what materials I use for drawing.

So I thought instead of me re-typing the same answer every time I’d just make a post detailing what materials I use and how/why.



I use standard Daler~Rowney graphite pencils for my drawings. As you can see in the picture above, they range from 2H – 9B.

Basically what all these numbers and letters mean are as follows;

 ‘H’ stands for ‘Hardness’ (basically how hard/soft the pencil line will appear on your page)

 ‘B’ stands for ‘Blackness’ (how dark the pencil shade will appear on your page)

Therefore if you had a 9H pencil, this would be very hard. The only ‘H’ pencil I own is a 2H which is great for outlining/sketching at the start of your drawing.

The F pencil is pretty much in the middle of the graphite scale, meaning is it also very good for outlining/sketching.

Then we come to the B’s. The higher the number on a B pencil, the darker the shade. Therefore a 2B would be good for light shading, and a 9B (which I go through alot of) is great for darker shading, such as hair (black, or brunette), or an eye pupil, etc. B pencils are also alot softer than H pencils.

This set is great to have if you are only starting off or even if you have been drawing for years like me. Whilst I highly recommend these pencils, I also suggest you try around with a few different brand pencils to see which one suits your drawing needs the most. While I was studying art in school I used Faber Castell pencils and they were good, but after discovering Daler~Rowney I don’t think I’d ever go back to them.

Mechanical Pencil


I cannot stress enough how essential it is for me to have a mechanical pencil when I’m drawing!

I use a 0.3mm lead (but they come in a few different sizes) which is small enough to allow accuracy when drawing detail such as eye lashes, eyebrows, fly-away hair, etc. (see picture below)

I noticed a huge improvement in my drawings after purchasing a mechanical pencil (which are very reasonably priced). You can also buy replacement lead when the pencil runs out.

Most mechanical pencils also have a small eraser on the top which also assists in precise highlighting for smaller areas.Image



A paper stump is basically a roll of paper tightly wound into a stick that is used for blending and smudging. I especially love stumps for blending smaller areas such as around the eyes and mouth.

A tortillon is essentially the same principle, the main difference being a tortillon is hollow and a stump is solid.

The pictures above show four stumps in varying sizes, and one tortillon (far left of the first picture).

Below illustrates how/where I would use a stump/tortillon on a drawing.


Kneaded Eraser

A kneaded eraser is basically an eraser that resembles gum or Blu-Tack. It is a stretchy material and therefore can be shaped such as into a point for precise highlighting/erasing.

This eraser can be used to lift any mistakes from your drawing, or can be used as a highlighter as shown below.

Kneaded erasers do not wear away like standard erasers (also pictured below) and therefore last longer and do not leave any residue like a standard eraser.



Yes. A tissue. Tissue is a fantastic tool that I use in every drawing I do for blending large areas of the drawing (such as shading the face and hair).

If you have never tried this method before I highly recommend you do.

So that is it for all the materials I use for drawing.

If you are interested in seeing any of my drawings feel free to visit my deviantART page

The drawing used in some of the pictures above is my drawing of Darren Criss which I will link here:

If you have any more questions about drawing materials (or art in general) please leave a comment and I’ll hopefully have an answer for you!

– Bee


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