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Today I wanted to write about a young man by the name of Brian O’Reilly, more famously known under his pseudonym BriBry.

BriBry is a musician/songwriter and youtube personality in his early twenties. From Dublin, Ireland, BriBry rose to prominence on youtube through his web series entitled ‘Things To Do Before You Die’, which sees him tackle various challenges such as zorbing, bungee jumping, riding in a hot air balloon, playing binocular soccer, etc.

So why does BriBry undertake these challenges?

“In 2010 a close friend of Brian’s, Ross Nugent, was diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma, a rare type of cancer. Ross’s family have since set up a registered charity, The Ross Nugent Foundation, with the aim of raising money for the oncology ward at Dublin’s Beaumont Hospital and can­cer research. So far thousands of euros have been raised for the cause. Tragically, Ross succumbed to his cancer and passed away on May 15th 2010. He was 18 years old.” (Extract taken from

BriBry uses his Things To Do Before You Die web series to raise money for the Ross Nugent foundation (all proceeds from his videos goes towards the foundation) as well as selling Ross Nugent Foundation wristbands (which I can say I proudly own and wear), and has even released a beautiful song approriately titled ‘The Ross Song’ which I will link at the end of this post. I highly urge you to listen to this song, like it on facebook, and donate to the charity if at all possible.

As if that weren’t enough, BriBry announced today on his facebook page that he is going to be setting up a charity called ‘Cut Cakes Not Wrist’.

Just last month, BriBry posted a video on his youtube page addressed to ‘People Who Are Depressed’ which is a very moving and vulnerable video for any young lad to post onto the internet. (You can watch this video here and the follow up ‘Part 2’

Whether its his whimsical facsination with Devon Murray (aka Seamus Finnigan of the Harry Potter franchise), his love of the 2009 film 500 Days Of Summer, or his overall good-natured character, I can guarantee once you see one of his videos, you’ll want to watch more!

– Bee

BriBry’s website (where there are links to his facebook, twitter, and a place where you can donate to the Ross Nugent Foundation):

BriBry’s youtube channel (some very funny videos here):

The Ross Song:


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