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Music Moments: Gabrielle Aplin

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My iPod recently got wiped. All my music, videos, audiobooks, everything gone. So I was purchasing new music when I was updating it, including music from the beautiful Gabrielle Aplin and thought it was a good opportunity to write a blog post about her.

Gabrielle Aplin is new to the music scene and as far as I am aware, is relatively unknown. She is a 20 year-old singer/songwriter from Wiltshire (South West England).

Gabrielle caught the attention of many viewers (including myself) when she began posting videos to her youtube channel ( in 2008 of covers such as Paramore’s ‘That’s What You Get’, The Killer’s ‘Mr. Brightside’, Kings Of Leon’s ‘Use Somebody’, etc.

Gabrielle’s youtube channel now has just under 90,000 subscribers, and almost 18 million video views!

From 2008-2012, Gabrielle released three EP’s which were well received with her audience and in February 2012, she announced she was signed on to Parlaphone and was recording her debut album.

Also in 2012, it was announced that Gabrielle would cover Frankie Goes To Hollywood’s classic hit ‘The Power Of Love’ for the annual John Lewis Christmas advert. If you are unaware as to what John Lewis is, it’s an English retailers, and to land the spot of doing the music for their Christmas advert is a pretty big deal for an up and coming artist.

I am in love with this girl’s voice! It’s so refreshing to see a young girl hit the music scene who is not scantily dressed in next to nothing, flaunting her sexuality. Instead Gabrielle Aplin displays her true talent of singing and songwriting. Mark my words, this girl is going places.

Her debut album ‘English Rain’ is coming out May 13th (day before my birthday…I know what I’m buying myself!) and I cannot wait to listen to all the songs. There is actually a 90 second preview of all songs from the album on Gabrielle’s website which I will link below.

I will leave you now with Gabrielle’s next single, entitled ‘Panic Cord’. (I also recommend you check out ‘Please Don’t Say You Love Me’, ‘Home’, and ‘Salvation’. All such beautiful songs, all written by the lovely Miss Gabrielle Aplin herself).

Seriously, check this girl out, you won’t regret it!


– Bee

Gabrielle’s youtube page:

Gabrielle’s twitter:

Gabrielle’s website:


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