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Music Moments | Demi Lovato’s DEMI

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I have been a fan of Demi Lovato’s since early 2008.

I still remember waiting for her music video for ‘Get Back’ to be released. Oh the memories!

So needless to say I was beyond excited to hear that Demi’s fourth studio album would be released May 14th (my birthday!!).

I was even more excited when she released previews of ALL THE TRACKS!!!

Below I will discuss each of the 13 songs on DEMI, giving my thoughts and opinions on them, hope you enjoy!


1. Heart Attack

Heart Attack is a song that most (if not all) Demi fans have heard plenty of times before. When this single was first released, I fell in love with it immediately. It’s a very catchy tune, and quite different to Demi’s previous work. Having said that, this could very well be my all-time favourite Demi song.

Let us not forget about the eagerly anticipated music video (see below). Again, this music video has a very different feel to what we are used to seeing from Demi. She couldn’t move around much in this music video because it was her first time in heels since she broke her ankle.

Overall, this is a great track, probably one of the strongest on the entire album.

2. Made In The USA

The first time I listened to this track, I wasn’t blown away by it. Not to say I didn’t like it, I just didn’t have a very strong opinion on it one way or the other. However, having listened to these songs on repeat over the last few days, I can safely say this song grows on you. It’s quite upbeat and catchy, another great number. This will be Demi’s second single from this album.

3. Without The Love

Again, the first time I heard this track I wasn’t immediately drawn in by the chorus, but again having listened to it a few times over, it is another song that grows of you. She even mentions DiMaggio in her lyrics which one can only assume is in reference to Joe DiMaggio, perhaps most famously known for his marriage to Marilyn Monroe, I’ll let you read up on that one yourself! This is a good song, not one of my overall favourites but still a good upbeat track.

4. Neon Lights

I was a bit weary of this song the first time I heard it. The first time you listen to it, it sounds like another one of those ‘club songs’ which I hate. But I really think Demi makes this her own, and damn is it catchy, really catchy. I actually really enjoy this song now.

5. Two Pieces

This song starts out with a slow(ish) tempo which leads into the chorus filled with lots of drum beats which reminded me a lot of the band fun. Not too sure why, but seeing as I love fun. I immediately fell in love with this song. Again, a really good track.

6. Nightingale

This is one of the first slow songs on this album, and it is such a beautiful song, I cannot stress it enough. I loved it on first listen, and I still love it. It’s one of my favourite songs on the entire album. It is a very powerful song.

7. In Case

This is another beautiful slow song from the album. I know this is a cover song but I’m not too sure who sang it before Demi. However after listening to both versions, I truly believe Demi did a better job of the song. If I had not known this was a cover, I would have thought Demi wrote it herself. It suits her voice and story perfectly. Very beautiful song.

8. Really Don’t Care

I was really looking forward to hearing this song. It’s Demi’s only song on this album which features another artist. That artist being X Factor UK series 7 contestant Cher Lloyd. I wasn’t a huge fan of Cher’s while she was on the show, I don’t really like her style of music but I absolutely 100% love this song. It’s upbeat, catchy, fun, just a really fantastic track. Again one of my favourites!

9. Fire Starter

This is a good song, again one with a very upbeat tempo that is quite catchy. It wouldn’t be one of my favourites from the album but it is still a good song.

10. Something That We’re Not

Ooo I do love this song. ‘Something That We’re Not’ is such a fun, catchy, upbeat song. I can listen to this song alone on repeat and not get bored with it. Definitely one of my favourites!

11. Never Been Hurt

Okay, it appears this entire album are full of songs I love, but honestly this is another fantastic tune. It’s very very catchy. On first listen, I wasn’t sure I liked how drawn out the word ‘hurt’ was, but I quickly got over it when I realised what an amazing song this is.

12. Shouldn’t Come Back

This is such a beautiful song. I can only assume after listening to the lyrics that this song was written by Demi about her father, her biological father that is. If you are a fan of Demi’s, I assume you will already know the back story there which means there is no need for me to explain it. But keep that in mind next time you listen to the song and it immediately becomes much more touching and beautiful. This is such an honest, vulnerable and sincere song which is why I love it so much.

13. Warrior

This is the final song on Demi’s album, and while it is a really good song, with a beautiful meaning, I just can’t warm to it as much as the others. I still really enjoy the song, but I occasionally find myself skipping over it I’m sorry to say.


So there you have it, my walk-through of Demi Lovato’s new album DEMI, which was released on May 14th.

Overall my favourite songs are, ‘Heart Attack’, ‘Nightingale’, ‘Really Don’t Care’ ‘Something We’re Not’, and ‘Never Been Hurt’. So you know….only half the album! Ha ha!

What are your favourite tracks from the album? I would be really interested to find out.

– Bee


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