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13 Songs Ed Sheeran Makes Better

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It would be quite an understatement to say I am a fan of Ed Sheeran. I adore his music; everything down to his lyrics and style of writing.

So as I was casually browsing through Youtube’s stash of Ed Sheeran songs, I found myself listening to a couple of covers he has done over the years.

Now when I say ‘songs Ed Sheeran makes better’ I don’t necessarily mean he did a better version of the song, but perhaps more I prefer listening to Ed’s versions of said songs as oppose to the original…take from that what you will!

So let us begin,

1. Skinny Love

Skinny Love is a song made popular by the artist Birdy however it is however originally Bon Iver’s song.

Ed covered this song for The Sun Biz session and I just love his version. I really enjoy Bon Iver’s version but I think Ed puts a lot more emotion into it which is strange considering Bon Iver actually wrote the song. Regardless, I love Ed’s cover.


2. Chasing Cars

I’ll let you in on a little secret. I don’t like Snow Patrol. Why? I am really not sure, perhaps it’s because they get way over-played on the radio, but I could never really warm to them as a band.

At the iTunes Festival 2012 however he covered Snow Patrol’s Chasing Cars much to the delight of the audience as you can see below, and who joins him on stage? None other than Gary Lightbody himself (that’s the lead singer of Snow Patrol) to duet with Ed.

Ed comments that this song is, in his opinion, in the top 20 best songs ever written. Whilst I don’t think it would be in my top 20, Ed does remind us of what a beautiful song it is and almost gives it a much need new lease of life. It really is a pity this song has been over-played on the radio.


3. Be My Husband

No, I am not asking for Ed’s hand in marriage…although…

Last year Ed covered Nina Simone’s Be My Husband for The Live Lounge on the Warner Sound.

I wasn’t too familiar with the original but that is the beauty of artists such as Ed covering songs from decades ago.

He definitely gives this song a fresh new vibe, well worth listening to.


4. We Found Love

Rihanna fans you may want to skip ahead. I really don’t like Rihanna, she is a terrible role model and after seeing the video of a fan who paid decent money to see her perform only to be hit by Rihanna herself and her microphone is just downright despicable. However that is a rant for another day.

My point being, I don’t really like Rihanna or her music however I love Ed’s stripped back version of this song. He gives emotion to an otherwise emotionless song (thanks to Rihanna) and makes a really beautiful cover.


5. Make You Feel My Love

This is a song that gets covered quite a lot. Probably most famously by Adele. However this Bob Dylan song was also covered by Ed in a UStream he did a couple of years ago and I love his version.


6. Wonderwall

Again, this is one of those fantastic songs that gets ruined due to its popularity and other people insisting on covering it. However Ed seems to give this song a fresh new feel. He really sings like he means the lyrics which is nice especially for a cover song.


7. Who You Are

I wasn’t overly familiar with this song because I never listen to any of Jessie J’s music. However after hearing the original, I 100% prefer Ed’s version. It is stripped back and simple and the song is actually quite beautiful. If I had never heard this song before I would have thought it was Ed’s (it’s that good!)


8. No Diggity/Thrift Shop

A couple of month back my facebook news feed was just full of people posting about Ed Sheeran and Passenger’s cover mashup of No Diggity (Blackstreet ft. Dr. Dre) and Thrift Shop (Macklemore) so of course I gave it a listen and although it’s not really the type of music I like/listen to I still found myself enjoying it!


9. Impossible

This is another song that is really beautiful but got ruined because it got over-played on the radio and I got sick of it.

Originally sung by Shontelle in 2010, James Arthur released it as his first single having won the X Factor UK last year. Ed Sheeran then worked his musical talent on it and covered it and made it sound 100 times better than both the original and James Arthurs version combined.

Sadly however I could not find the full version so here is a little snippet!


10. Empire State Of Mind

Yet another song that I didn’t really like to begin with but Ed covers it and suddenly it sounds like a brand new song that I love. I don’t know how he does it!


11. Wayfaring Stranger

This is a classic folk song that honestly I had never heard before I heard Ed’s version of it, nor have I heard any covers since so whilst I have no-one to compare him to, I love Ed singing this song. It is yet another cover where you think he could have written the song himself.


12. Watchtower

Back to Bob Dylan again, Ed Sheeran and Devlin recorded quite a different-sounding version of this song and I love it. I have actually been listening to it on repeat a lot lately even though it was released around this time last year!


13. The Parting Glass

I have saved my favourite for the last. This is song is actually a traditional Irish song and me being Irish myself I have quite a fondness for Ed’s cover. He has said himself that he wants this song played at his funeral and I can see why. It is such a beautiful song and hate to sound like a broken record but I really love Ed’s version.

This song is actually featured on his album ‘+’ as a hidden track (it’s after ‘Give Me Love’).


Well sin é, I hope you have enjoyed this list and I actually want to say a quick apology for my absence from my blog. Hopefully I will be back to posting a bit more regularly now!

Let me know which cover is your favourite.

– Bee


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