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Earlier today a friend of mine posted a link to facebook entitled ‘The Pixar Theory’. Being a Pixar enthusiast I was immediately intrigued as to what said theory could be.


Basically this guy called Jon Negroni (who quite possibly has too much time on his hands) concocted a theory which involves all fourteen Pixar films. He theorizes that all the films exist within the same universe and each movie is interconnected and the major events that take place influence each of these films. Sounds confusing and perhaps a bit far-fetched right?

Instead of regurgitating everything Jon has written in his own blog, I will direct you to his blog post so you can have a read for yourself.

So whilst this theory is quite far-fetched and really stretches it at some points, it does make for an interesting read.

Without spoiling it (incase you haven’t read it yet), I do like the proposed ending to this theory. It is quite sweet and I would like to think of it as real, but in all honestly there are a lot of unanswered questions that just don’t connect the dots.

However I do commend Jon for putting so much thought and effort into his theory and sharing it with us Pixar fans by perhaps giving us a new perspective into these films, or perhaps even giving us an extra dimension to think about the next time we watch a Pixar film.

Please let me know what you think about the theory, I am very interested to know. I quite liked the idea of it (despite how blurry the lines may be and how many flaws there are in the theory, I still found it quite an interesting concept), however another person I spoke to about it didn’t like the idea of it at all, so I am very interesting on hearing if you liked the theory or not, and what you make if it.

Until next time my friends,

– Bee


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