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RIP Cory Monteith

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I woke up this morning to the terrible news of the death of Cory Monteith.
I am not normally one to cry when I hear of celebrity deaths but I was genuinely in tears all day thinking about what a tragic loss this is.
Any who has been following me for a while on deviantART or twitter can probably guess that I am a huge fan of Glee. I have watched it from the very first episode and I have continued watching it ever since.
I cannot even begin to express how sad I am to learn of Cory’s passing so I spent the day drawing this picture.

Cory Monteith drawing
Alas I yet again have no scanner so this picture doesn’t do it much justice but oh well.
My thoughts are going out to Cory’s family and friends, to all the cast of Glee and of course his girlfriend Lea Michele.
It still doesn’t seem real to me for some reason. I still get overwhelmed every time I look at the news websites online. It just won’t sink in.

RIP Cory, only the good die young.


– Bee



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  1. I’ve never watched the show and I too don’t cry/get overly upset regarding celebrity deaths (with few exceptions), yet I still felt somewhat sad about his passing.

    • I think it has hit me more than other celebrity deaths because I have watched the show for 5 years now and fell in love with his character as well as Cory himself (in all the backstage footage etc) and then all of a sudden knowing he will no longer be part of that it is just very very sad 😦


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