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Darren Criss | Drawing WIP

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Apologies for my lack of posts lately but I have actually been working on a new drawing which has taken up a lot of my free time.

I have been drawing for quite a few years now and still cannot seem to draw hair realistically at all. It is quite frustrating actually. Alas I am determined to get it looking better this time so I am taking my time and putting a lot of effort into it in this drawing, which is once again back to good ole faithful Darren Criss (I believe this is my 8th or 9th Darren Criss drawing now?!)

The only problem with drawing Darren Criss, and trying to draw his hair properly, is he has black curly hair. From my experience drawing, I find light coloured, straight hair the easiest to draw, so I not only have the difficult task of drawing curly hair, it’s also dark so this should be interesting.

Anyhow, this is my progress so far…



Please let me know what you think so far, keeping in mind it is only half-finished.

Hopefully I will have the completed drawing up within a week or so.


– Bee


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  1. Wow, this is absolutely amazing! I am really looking forward to the finished drawing!


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