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Minnie Mouse Cake

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Perhaps it is my love of everything and anything disney-related or perhaps it was who I was making it for, but this Minnie Mouse cake was definitely one of my favourite cakes to make.


Not including baking time, it took around 3-4 hours to decorate this cake.

Top Layer – Minnie Mouse Head

I began the night before by make the top layer, or the Minnie Mouse head if you will.

For this, I didn’t actually have a cake tin in a sphere shape so I actually took a regular bowl, greased it with margarine, and lined it with baking (grease-proof) paper. Then I made Rice Krispie treats (the recipe of which I found on the Rice Krispie website if anyone is interested). Then came the difficult task of getting the Rice Krispie treats into the bowl without getting myself covered with the sticky mess left by the marshmallows.

Tip: Use a piece of baking paper to press down the Rice Krispie treats into the bowl. This will save your hands for getting sticky and is easier to work with.

You really have to press down on the Rice Krispie treats if you want a good spherical shape. Once this was done, I left it in the fridge overnight to set.

The next morning, I melted some regular cooking chocolate, let it cool for a minute or two, then using a brush, poured it over the Rice Krispie treats (obviously removing the baking paper first). The purpose of this was to smooth the surface so all the lumps and bumps wouldn’t appear through the fondant.

Next I rolled out some black fondant and covered my Minnie Mouse head with it. Then I cut two circles out for the ears, mixing tylo powder into the black fondant (this ensures the fondant to become tougher and will stand up by itself). Once these circles dried out a bit, I stuck a toothpick into each ear, then stuck them into the fondant covered Rice Krispie treats. Once again the toothpicks were just to ensure the ears would stand up and not fall over.

Last component of this layer was Minnie Mouse’s bow. I found out while making this cake that making bows is quite a difficult task. After playing around with a few different techniques I finally found a way that worked. Once the bow was finished I glued it to the ears and my top layer was complete.

Pink and White Tiers

The pink-polka dotted layer, and the white Minnie Mouse heads layer you can see in the photo are both tiers of cake. These layers were quite simple to make, especially the pink polka dots. All I did was rolled out pink fondant, covered the cake, then cut out white circles and glued them on.

Same principle for the white layer, rolled out white fondant, covered the cake then stuck on some Minnie Mouse heads and the lettering for the name. People kept asking me did I have bow cutters for the bows on all the Minnie Mouse heads on this layer but no, that was all hand cut with nothing but a knife, so it took quite some time. You can though purchase some bow moulds/cutters which will save you a lot of time if you don’t have the patience!

To add a little extra fun to the cake I actually covered the Minnie Mouse heads with glitter and it came out really nice and was a simple yet really nice extra touch to the cake.

Finally to finish off the edges of the cake, I made a pearl-beading effect out of a mould I have. Again it was quite simple but gave a really nice finishing touch to the cake.

So that is how I made this cake. The cake itself went down really well, especially with the little girls who loved picking the Minnie Mouse heads of the white tier and eating them!

Hope this was somewhat helpful if any of you have a Minnie Mouse cake to make in the future!

– Bee


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