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Big shocker, the girl with the English degree likes to read books!

But when it comes to reading for leisure I actually find myself drawn to the bestsellers and adult fiction novels (as oppose to the classic works of literature such as Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights and Pride and Prejudice – although don’t get me wrong they are great reads too!).

I like to get lost in a story, really feel the emotions the characters are going through and be able to empathise with them, and most of all, I love a good story that leaves you thinking for hours after you have read it.

So I would like to share with you some of my favourite books that I find myself re-reading over and over. Yes, the likelihood is that you have also read the majority of these books and yes, a lot of them are probably the stereotypical books on everyone’s ‘favourite list’ but hey, they are bestsellers for a reason, right?!


So let us begin with what is on everyone’s list of favourite books (and if not, come on out from that rock you’ve been living under for the past 15 years). Yes my friends, it is the truly magical (ooh yikes, did I just go there? Yup, yup I did…) Harry freaking Potter!!! (cool kid points for you if you get that reference ;))


Everyone has heard of Harry Potter, whether you have read the books or not, so I’m not going to waster my time, or yours, by summarising the plot. I shouldn’t even need to explain why these books are so amazing, so I won’t, because if you have read them you know, and if you haven’t, then you aren’t all that interested are you?

I don’t think I can ever tire from re-reading these classics.


Next on my list is yet another series which has become very popular in recent years and is sitting on many people’s bookshelves, and that is The Hunger Games trilogy.


Now whilst these books are very popular, I feel like their popularity came upon the release of the first film based on the series. I have talked to many people who have said the have seen the movie, loved it, and are wondering whether or not they should read the books. If you too find yourself in the same situation, all I can say to you is…READ THE BOOKS!!!

Honestly, if you like The Hunger Games film, you will love the books, I promise you. There is only so much a 142 minute film can show from a 454 page book. I even found that there were hints of the second book featured in the first film, which for spoiler reasons I will not say but if you have read the books you probably know what I am talking about.

So if you have not read the books, but have seen and liked/loved the film, I highly recommend these books to you.


My next favourite book which I enjoy reading from time to time is actually a collection of works from the magnificent Hans Christen Andersen.


If ever I am in the mood for a story, but don’t quite feel like sitting down to a big novel, I pull out this book of fairy tales by Hans Christen Andersen. This is the man responsible for stories such as The Little Mermaid, The Princess on the Pea, The Emperor’s New Clothes, The Ugly Duckling, and The Snow Queen (which is the inspiration for Disney’s next animated classic Frozen).


This next book is a bit of an odd one. As well as having a degree in English, I also have a degree in Psychology, and am very interesting in the reasons behind why people act in certain ways. I was in Easons one day and came across this book entitles The Definitive Book of Body Language by Allan & Barbara Pease and was immediately drawn to it.

the_definitive_book_of_body_language_orion_books_1 This book explains the reasons as to why people act in a certain way and what their body language can tell us from hand signals and arm movements, to eye gestures and head tilts etc.

I just find this book a really interesting read from time to time.


Back to the good ole novels now, and I have talked about this book many times on my blog now so there is probably no need to go into a lot of detail on this one either, but it is the amazing The Fault in our Stars, by John Green.


What can I say about this book that I have not already said? It is simply beautiful. A beautiful story, with beautiful characters. If you have not yet read it, I highly recommend you check it out – but be warned it is sad. I’ve read it a good five/six times now and still feel my eyes tearing up, but hey it is a story about teenagers with cancer so what more do you expect really.


Finally on my list of some of my favourite books, this is possibly one of the most moving books I have ever read. It is a very beautiful, yet dark, story.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Even though this book was released in 1999, it became very popular in the past year or so with the release of the film by the same name, starring Logan Lerman, Emma Watson, and Ezra Miller. I remember reading this book a couple of years back and just being blown away with it. It is more of a journal than a novel which I love because you get a real vulnerability from the character of Charlie and almost a first hand account of how he feels and what he is going through which allows you as a reader to empathise with him that much more. I was very excited when they announced that Logan Lerman would be playing the character of Charlie in the film and even more excited that Emma Watson would be playing Sam because I love both those actors and I felt they could do the characters justice.

Anyways, I am getting a little off-point. This is a really amazing book, I definitely recommend it (if you are a young adult of course, I wouldn’t recommend any young readers getting their hands on this book).

I also love all the pop culture references in this book, all the literature, films and music mentioned are all really good so its nice to know the author has good taste…or at least Sam and Patrick do!


So there you have it folks, just a few of my favourite books which I enjoy reading over and over. Hope you have enjoyed, and if you have any books to recommend to be I would be more than happy to hear your suggestions, I love finding good new books to read!

Actually on that note, has anyone read Veronica Roth’s Divergent, and if so is it worth reading? Please let me know!




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  1. I never read any of the “Harry Potter” books nor seen the films nor do I plan to!

    I’ve watched the first “Hunger Games” movie and liked it, but I’m not really interested in the books.

    I watched “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” because Emma Watson was in it, and she’s simply sexy…no other reason really, and I was so amazed by how amazing the movie was!

    My favorite author is Agatha Christie, so her books are my favorite. I’m also a fan of “Animal Farm”, the Dan Brown books, and “To Kill A Mockingbird”.

    • If you liked the Perks movie I think you’ll like the book!! Thanks for the suggestions. I tried reading Dan Brown before but just couldn’t get into them!

  2. There is no need to explain why HP is awesome… because it just is. Fact.

  3. We love that you love reading and you like rereading classics. We love getting into books too and think your pic of the books and the cuppa is very apt!


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