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A Few Changes

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I feel like it has been months since I wrote on my blog but alas it had only been a fortnight.

Regardless I have missed it and my apologies for my absence. My cat broke my internet so I had to wait a few days before getting it fixed which resulted in me not being able to post anything. Sadface.

But I am back with working internet and I have made a few changes to my blog.

Probably the most important of that being the web address has changed. Before it was which matched my deviantART and twitter accounts but didn’t really make much sense for this blog so I decided to change it to because lets face it,¬†this blog is a little bohemian and all over the place.

(Also this is my secret ode to Freddie Mercury because he is the bees knees!)

I am also going to try and up the ante and post more frequently instead of sporadically!

That pretty much sums up all I needed to say.

If you want to check out more of my links I will leave them down below.




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