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Artist’s Block

The last time I actually sat down and completed a drawing was back in July when I drew this.


Since then I have attempted many other drawings, but none were coming out to my satisfaction and I developed artist’s block.

I have done a few paintings since then, but painting is not my forte so I would really like to get back into drawing, but how?

That is the burning question. How do you get over artist block? Similarly, how do you get over writers block? Or any kind of creative block you may be facing.

Normally my advise would be to walk away and only come back when you feel in a good mood about what you are trying to accomplish. But seeing as I haven’t been able to complete a drawing since July, I think I need to bring in some reinforcements.

So, my question to you is, what do you do when you are finding yourself unable to complete something you love to do?

Tips, comments, suggestions, advice, all is welcome!

– Bee


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