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The sequel we’ve all been waiting for | The Incredibles

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It’s the sequel the world (well Disney fans at least) have been waiting for, and alas the wait is over. Pixar announced today that a sequel to The Incredibles is in the works, along with a third Cars film.


As the film was released 10 years ago (I know it’s hard to believe!) I can’t help but wonder what time period the film will take place. Will they continue where they left off at the end of the first film, or will we see a ten-year time period in the characters. This would mean our beloved Jack Jack will no longer be a cute little baby but very powerful 10-year-old.

So what do we actually know about The Incredibles sequel?

Sadly, not much as of now. However Brad Bird WILL be returning as writer (and hopefully director) so the story is in good hands.

As for Cars 3 I am neither disappointed or overly excited at the prospect of a third film. I loved the first one and am yet to actually see the second, but let’s face it. Anything Pixar put their name to turns out amazing. Let’s just hope they are writing a great story and are not just producing a film to make loads of money on an already well-known name.

For now all I can say is I am very excited for The incredibles sequel, a film I have been waiting for for 10 years!

Until next time,

– Bee


PS. This announcement has reminded me that I am yet to finish my Pixar series so yeah…I’ll get back on that (Ratatouille is next!)


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