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RIP Cory Monteith

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I woke up this morning to the terrible news of the death of Cory Monteith.
I am not normally one to cry when I hear of celebrity deaths but I was genuinely in tears all day thinking about what a tragic loss this is.
Any who has been following me for a while on deviantART or twitter can probably guess that I am a huge fan of Glee. I have watched it from the very first episode and I have continued watching it ever since.
I cannot even begin to express how sad I am to learn of Cory’s passing so I spent the day drawing this picture.

Cory Monteith drawing
Alas I yet again have no scanner so this picture doesn’t do it much justice but oh well.
My thoughts are going out to Cory’s family and friends, to all the cast of Glee and of course his girlfriend Lea Michele.
It still doesn’t seem real to me for some reason. I still get overwhelmed every time I look at the news websites online. It just won’t sink in.

RIP Cory, only the good die young.


– Bee



13 Celebrities and Their Phobias

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This is it. It is finally summer! Let us put on our sunnies and sit in front of that mysterious yellow sphere in the sky which turns our skin red. You see, in Ireland we are not used to the sun. We generally get one week of really nice weather (which for us is when it reaches about 20-25°C) and that week is when the Junior and Leaving Cert exams start (i.e. this week).

So why am I telling you this you ask? How is this related to celebrities and their phobias? Well, summer generally brings out those vile little creatures also known as butterflies. Yes, I am petrified of butterflies. It is a really awful phobia, and the worst thing about it is that everyone thinks it’s hilarious/ridiculous that one could be afraid of butterflies, but alas I am.

So as I was freaking out in the garden anytime a butterfly approached, it got me thinking about strange phobias, and what sort of people suffer with these phobias.

1. Lepidopterophobia (Fear of Butterflies)


Since I already mentioned it, I thought I would start off with this one. Now, since I am terrified of butterflies, I was very relieved to discover that it is not all that uncommon.

Nicole Kidman has a fear of butterflies also, and even tried to conquer her fear before by going into a butterfly cage at the American Museum of Natural History, and although it did not help her get over her fear, I applaud her for trying (because I wouldn’t go into a butterfly cage if you paid me!)



2. Swineophobia (Fear of Pigs)orlando

Yes, apparently there is such a thing. Fear of pigs is something that English-born Hollywood actor Orlando Bloom has to deal with. I can’t imagine he has to deal with pigs too often however.



3. Botanophobia (Fear of Plants)


Christina Ricci has stated she is repulsed by house plants. Whilst I understand someone not liking house plants, I can’t quite grasp my head around being afraid of them.



4.Chiclephobia (Fear of Chewing Gum) Oprah

This one I do understand. Someone smacking gum in front of you? Eww. Oprah Winfrey is said to have a fear of chewing gum due to the fact her grandmother use to stick it to the furniture. Gross.



5. Achluophobia (Fear of Darkness)


It is not only little kids who are afraid of the dark. Actor Keanu Reeves is afraid of the dark, and if it’s confession time I too will admit of being afraid of the dark. I can never sleep in a room that is in 100% darkness. No way.




6. Mysophobia (Fear of Dirt)hilary-duff-hairstyles15

Hilary Duff has admitted she cannot go to bed unless she cleans the room first because of her fear of dirt. Can’t say I blame her really, I can’t sleep in an untidy room so it’s the same principle really.



7. Fear of Antique Furniture


I don’t know the official name of this one because quite frankly I didn’t know such a thing existed before now…still not sure it does exist to be honest.

But alas Billy Bob Thornton seems to think so. The actor claims he has a fear of antique furniture and cannot be in a room which has furniture in it built earlier than 1950.


8. Spectrophobia (Fear of Mirrors) Pamela+Anderson

Of all celebrities to fear mirrors, it quite ironic that model Pamela Anderson suffers from this phobia.

Not sure if this means she’s afraid of reflections or what but this did strike me as rather odd.



9. Placeophobia (Fear of Graveyards)


Sarah Michelle Gellar is supposedly so afraid of graveyards that she refused to film in a real one whilst filming ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’.

I can’t say I blame her really though, graveyards do have an eery feel. I once had a rat run right in front of me in one. Ick.



10. Aquaphobia (Fear of Water) carmen-electra-HD-Wallpapers

Supposedly, Baywatch star Carmen Electra is terrified of water due to the fact she can’t swim.

However she managed to film Baywatch is beyond me.


11. Herpetophobia (Fear of Reptiles)


Britney Spears is known to have a fear of reptiles. This is not to irrational, a lot of people have a fear of reptiles, but let us bring our memories back to circa 2001 when she was performing “I’m A Slave For You” with none other than a snake wrapped around her shoulders.

Does this make sense to anyone else?


12. Haphephobia (Fear of Being Touched) 0202124

This is actually quite a serious phobia often related to victims of sexual assault.

Kelly Osbourne apparently has this phobia although I’m not sure where it stemmed from.



13. Coulrophobia (Fear of Clowns)


Alas ladies, he is not perfect! Mr. Johnny Depp has stated that he has a phobia of clowns and is quoted saying, “There always seemed to be a darkness lurking just under the surface, a potential for real evil”. It makes you wonder how he managed to film ‘Alice In Wonderland’ seeing as the Mad Hatter had a very clown-esque look to him.

Other celebrities reportedly afraid of clowns are Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe, and Sean Combs.



What are some of your phobias?

– Bee