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Doctor Who Tardis Cake

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Remember me? I’m that Irish girl who used to blog a lot and then abandoned it!!

No really I switched web address then my blog had a little meltdown but thanks to the lovely people behind the brain of wordpress, they got it working for me again.

Despite being really busy at work, I hope to start blogging more as I have really missed it.

Today I wanted to share with you a Tardis cake that I attempted to make.

I have never made a “standing up” cake before and let me tell you, it was every bit as hard as I imagined it to be.

For those of you who are used to decorating cakes, you will know that trying to get fondant to stand up is a difficult task. So even though this cake doesn’t really look too great or at all professional I am very happy with it because it did not fall apart as I was expecting it to.


So sure, the sides are a bit wobbly and it’s not exactly proportionate but I tried my best and the birthday girl seemed to really like it so that’s all that matters, right?!

Any questions on how I made the cake are welcome!

– Bee



Pumpkin Decorating

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Apart from Christmas, I think Halloween is my favourite holiday.

Part of the reason I enjoy it so much is pumpkin carving and decorating.

This year I decided to mix it up a little and try something different with my pumpkins.

This resulting in fun, easy to do, kid-friendly pumpkin decorating.

The key ingredient? GLITTER!


If you want to replicate the pumpkins I made, here is what you will need:

  • a pumpkin (duh!)
  • white paint
  • silver spray paint
  • silver glitter
  • black glitter
  • black paint
  • paint brush (one large, one small)
  • electrical tape (masking tape will work too)
  • newspaper

To make the ‘bat’ pumpkin, you will need to cover your desk (or wherever you are working) with newspaper. I painted my pumpkin with white paint all over. Let it dry, then gave it a second coat. Once the second coat had dried, I took some silver spray paint, and lightly sprayed the top half of the pumpkin. (At this point I had no idea how I was decorating the pumpkin so I was just kind of winging it). Then, before this dried I poured silver glitter all over where I had sprayed the silver spray paint. Once this had dried, with a small paint brush, I began painting bat silhouettes all around the side of the pumpkin. If you want to, you can get a bat stencil but I just did it free hand, and all the bats look different which I like. Before the black paint dried I poured black glitter on it. Let it settle for a minute then shake off the excess.

And this was the finished result

pumpkin 2pumpkin 1

For my next pumpkin I began by taping off the sections of the pumpkin using electrical tape (I prefer to use electrical tape rather than masking tape, because you can manipulate the electrical tape to bend with the shape of the pumpkin).

Once I had all the sections taped off, I began painting every second one black, and before it dried, I poured black glitter over it.

Once it has all dried, carefully tear off the tape and you are finished!


I really like this technique for decorating pumpkins. It’s easy, and there is virtually no mess (well apart from the glitter that is, but I would rather have glitter everywhere than pumpkin guts!)

It is also a brilliant option for little kiddies so no knifes or carving tools have to get involved.

Also, these pumpkins will last for weeks, whereas carved pumpkins only last a day or two before they start decaying.

Please let me know what you think of these pumpkins, and how you will be decorating your pumpkins this year.

– Bee


iMade A Cake

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It is the end of a crazy week which means I finally have time to sit down and blog.

Today was my wonderful mother’s birthday and to celebrate I made her an iCake.

She is quite the apple nerd, and loves her ipad so I thought it would only be appropriate to replicate an ipad into cake form.

Well…at least I attempted to…


It’s not the best cake I have ever made but then again it was thrown together quite quickly when I got home from work yesterday.

However my mam loved it and that is the most important part!


This is the first time I have ever tried full on painting on the cake as you can see in the iPad background. The trick to make edible paint is to mix colour powder with vodka to get a paint consistency. the paint on the fondant as if it were a canvas. The vodka will evaporate and you are just left with the colour so don’t worry, your cake will not taste like vodka (sorry if this disappoints some of you!), I am happy with the technique even though it didn’t turn out too great on my cake, but in fairness ocean waves are hard to paint with actual paint, never mind will sugar paint on a cake!

The cake itself is actually a chocolate cake (since that is what my mam requested!) and, not to sound all high and mighty, is the best homemade chocolate cake recipe I have tasted. I have tried quite a few different recipes of chocolate cake, but since finding this one, I have stuck with it. (If anyone is interested in the actual recipe let me know and I will post it!)

So there you have it short and sweet…very sweet…there is a lot of fondant on that cake ūüėČ

– Bee

Minnie Mouse Cake

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Perhaps it is my love of everything and anything disney-related or perhaps it was who I was making it for, but this Minnie Mouse cake was definitely one of my favourite cakes to make.


Not including baking time, it took around 3-4 hours to decorate this cake.

Top Layer – Minnie Mouse Head

I began the night before by make the top layer, or the Minnie Mouse head if you will.

For this, I didn’t actually have a cake tin in a sphere shape so I actually took a regular bowl, greased it with margarine, and lined it with baking (grease-proof) paper. Then I made Rice Krispie¬†treats (the recipe of which I found on the Rice Krispie¬†website if anyone is interested). Then came the difficult task of getting the Rice Krispie treats into the bowl without getting myself covered with the sticky mess left by the marshmallows.

Tip: Use a piece of baking paper to press down the Rice Krispie treats into the bowl. This will save your hands for getting sticky and is easier to work with.

You really have to press down on the Rice Krispie treats if you want a good spherical shape. Once this was done, I left it in the fridge overnight to set.

The next morning, I melted some regular cooking chocolate, let it cool for a minute or two, then using a brush, poured it over the Rice Krispie treats (obviously removing the baking paper first). The purpose of this was to smooth the surface so all the lumps and bumps wouldn’t appear through the fondant.

Next I rolled out some black fondant and covered my Minnie Mouse head with it. Then I cut two circles out for the ears, mixing tylo powder into the black fondant (this ensures the fondant to become tougher and will stand up by itself). Once these circles dried out a bit, I stuck a toothpick into each ear, then stuck them into the fondant covered Rice Krispie treats. Once again the toothpicks were just to ensure the ears would stand up and not fall over.

Last component of this layer was Minnie Mouse’s bow. I found out while making this cake that making bows is quite a difficult task. After playing around with a few different techniques I finally found a way that worked. Once the bow was finished I glued it to the ears and my top layer was complete.

Pink and White Tiers

The pink-polka dotted layer, and the white Minnie Mouse heads layer you can see in the photo are both tiers of cake. These layers were quite simple to make, especially the pink polka dots. All I did was rolled out pink fondant, covered the cake, then cut out white circles and glued them on.

Same principle for the white layer, rolled out white fondant, covered the cake then stuck on some Minnie Mouse heads and the lettering for the name. People kept asking me did I have bow cutters for the bows on all the Minnie Mouse heads on this layer but no, that was all hand cut with nothing but a knife, so it took quite some time. You can though purchase some bow moulds/cutters which will save you a lot of time if you don’t have the patience!

To add a little extra fun to the cake I actually covered the Minnie Mouse heads with glitter and it came out really nice and was a simple yet really nice extra touch to the cake.

Finally to finish off the edges of the cake, I made a pearl-beading effect out of a mould I have. Again it was quite simple but gave a really nice finishing touch to the cake.

So that is how I made this cake. The cake itself went down really well, especially with the little girls who loved picking the Minnie Mouse heads of the white tier and eating them!

Hope this was somewhat helpful if any of you have a Minnie Mouse cake to make in the future!

– Bee

My Birthday Cake

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Just a quick post today as it is very late and I am about to go to bed, but I couldn’t let the day go by without sharing my amazing birthday cake with you all.

Today (well May 14th) I turned 21 and to celebrate my mom made me a Beauty and the Beast birthday cake. I had to help with a few of the fine details but I didn’t mind. But I am so thrilled with how the cake turned out. It looked (and tasted) amazing!


My mom even bought little Beauty and the Beast figurines to put all around the cake which was a really nice touch.

That’s it, just wanted to share! If anyone is interested in seeing some cakes I have actually designed and created, please let me know, I’d be happy to share them with you on here.

– Bee