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iMade A Cake

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It is the end of a crazy week which means I finally have time to sit down and blog.

Today was my wonderful mother’s birthday and to celebrate I made her an iCake.

She is quite the apple nerd, and loves her ipad so I thought it would only be appropriate to replicate an ipad into cake form.

Well…at least I attempted to…


It’s not the best cake I have ever made but then again it was thrown together quite quickly when I got home from work yesterday.

However my mam loved it and that is the most important part!


This is the first time I have ever tried full on painting on the cake as you can see in the iPad background. The trick to make edible paint is to mix colour powder with vodka to get a paint consistency. the paint on the fondant as if it were a canvas. The vodka will evaporate and you are just left with the colour so don’t worry, your cake will not taste like vodka (sorry if this disappoints some of you!), I am happy with the technique even though it didn’t turn out too great on my cake, but in fairness ocean waves are hard to paint with actual paint, never mind will sugar paint on a cake!

The cake itself is actually a chocolate cake (since that is what my mam requested!) and, not to sound all high and mighty, is the best homemade chocolate cake recipe I have tasted. I have tried quite a few different recipes of chocolate cake, but since finding this one, I have stuck with it. (If anyone is interested in the actual recipe let me know and I will post it!)

So there you have it short and sweet…very sweet…there is a lot of fondant on that cake 😉

– Bee